Local Farmers and fresh food suppliers.

Wholesome meals using Fruits, Meat, Veggies from made from scratch recipes.

Yes, there are three Lunch options:



-or Veggie Salad

*Breakfast and snacks do not have an optional choice.

We offer a sandwich option or veggie salad substitute.

Return your large containers that have been fully rinsed out to be recycled, during the next day of meal delivery.


Online Portal to access Password Login, View Account details, Download Menu, Product info, ingredient list, resources links, blog, and discounts on company events.

Contact us via email at for us to set you up with a new one.

After signing up for the Membership, you will be charged $48.00 which is the annual membership fee.


Yes, delivery is free!

Daily, Monday-Friday. The time of delivery will be according to your meal time hours. We deliver meals between, 6am-12pm, before your scheduled lunch time.

Meals are made the same day and should be refrigerated to maintain freshness before heating and serving.



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