Children who are provided nutritious meals throughout the day are more likely to develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

What Children Eat Matters!


To serve early learning programs with fresh, locally-sourced meals.


To prevent children from experiencing health related problems such as obesity and diabetes due to poor eating habits and unhealthy food consumption.



– Convenient and easy to order meals and delivery service.

– Reduction in time spent meal planning, food shopping and cooking  throughout the week allowing time for other personal and/or professional activities.

– Potential to increase your school’s enrollment by sharing the long term benefits of children eating fresh, local meals verse processed foods.


– Quality food Increasing healthy brain development, and physical growth.

– Healthy habits developed by expanding their palate through experiencing different foods that might not be prepared at their homes.

– Teaching children the avoid eating fast foods, drinking soda, sweetened juice, too much salt, fat or any foods that make them feel sick or sluggish.


– Learning and understanding nutrition workshops and training through our Mentorship Program.

– Our partnerships with schools, non-profits, food producers, and suppliers to increase access to quality meals for children in their learning environments.

– Economic growth as we create jobs at livable wages and support local farmers and food suppliers.

What makes us the right food supplier for your children?

Over the past 10 years LaShonda has worked with children in various school programs and noticed an overwhelming number of children in need of healthier food options and habits. With having a young child of her own she decided to start her own small child care program, Whitaker Family Child Care in 2013 where she serves children healthy meals.

In 2016 LaShonda participated in the Social Enterprise Pitch, facilitated by Lancaster County Community Foundation and Assets of Lancaster Pa, to develop her vision to create an opportunity for more children and teachers to be positively impacted by eating from scratch meals.

In Dec 2016 5 Loaves Food Company was Founded to supply Healthy- Local- Ready Meals through delivery to programs like yours!

Sound like a good fit for your day care center?